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Located in Tugu Muda complex, long ago was big building with art deco style by Hollander as trains station (trem), or known as Nederland’s Indische Spoorweg Maschaappij (NIS). It’s created by Holland architect Prof.Jacob F.Klinkhamer and B.J.Queendag on history records was build on 1903, then legitimate on July 1st of 1907. Semarang citizen known this building has a thousand doors or more, that’s in Javanese, means Lawang Sewu. Lawang means door and sewu means thousand.

On the expansion after independence it’s used as Djawatan Kereta Api Indonesia (DKARI) or known as PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. Also for military importance, that is a KODAM IV Diponegoro office (the main center now is in Watu Gong), and last been used as Center Java District Communication Departement, on present this building are ins on 102 old fashioned building or historical in Semarang that used as a tour object with historical relic facilities the old fashioned and antique architecture building in Semarang, there’s a basement and information tower, where often used as an exhibition in certain events.



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